Module 1: Solid Waste Problems and The Environment

This module concentrates on the facts and figures and the environmental issues we are facing today due to improper solid waste management. What are the main sources of pollution and what are the effects of pollution?

Module 2: Integrated Waste Management

What is the proper way to handle solid waste? This module teaches the correct way of managing our resources through the Integrated Solid Waste Management concept, which involves acquiring the knowledge about the kinds of waste we produce and learning how to manage them properly through the 4R2C concept which is Rethink, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Compost and Close the loop.

Module 3: Hands on Activity

User can explore the ideas surrounding the 4R2C concept in their daily lives. Learn about the art of recycling, try composting and allow some creative juices flow wroth nature arts and crafts.

Module 4: The next step

User can refer to this module to try initiate a zero waste system at school/home/office.