Why be a SMART Ranger?

The issue of sustainable waste management has become an important priority for relevant stakeholders in Malaysia as the country prepares to project itself as a developed nation. Despite several attempts by the government, such as enactment of new laws [e.g. Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Act 2007 (Act 672)] and pursuing privatization, Malaysia is still lagging behind significantly in sustainable waste management practices.

Although the recycling rate among Malaysians are increasing, 33.17% in 2022 (SWCorp, 2022), in average Malaysian still produces up to 2kg of waste per day and our landfills are reaching their maximum capacity. Recycling is not a new concept in Malaysia and with more than a decade spent through awareness and promotions to encourage the public to recycle. However, continuous education on the issues and how to manage solid waste properly is important to build a greener nation.