Tree planting @ Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP)

The Tree Planting @ UTP is part of an expansion of a Yayasan PETRONAS initiative that has been carried out with the involvement of GEC since 2020 known as the Yayasan PETRONAS “Walk4Trees” Challenge to support the ongoing of PETRONAS sustainability agenda. This expansion programme mainly aims to support tree planting in the UTP campus and support the existing carbon sequestration through the tree planting activity which is also aligned with the UTP target. The objectives of the programme are:

  • To amplify Yayasan Petronas efforts of tree planting with a total of 550 trees within UTP.
  • To contribute to carbon sequestration by establishing carbon sinks in the form of tree planting.
  • To improve awareness and responsibility of local communities and UTPs students by giving them the opportunity, education and support in setting up nurseries, tree planting and monitoring activities 

Key Activities:

  • Establishment of agreement within tri parties; YP, UT and GEC.
  • Site visit and briefing to local communities on Yayasan PETRONAS Initiatives.
  • Engagement with the local communities and finalize the nursery site,
  • Engagement and management of relevant of local authorities/ stakeholders (if needed).
  • Communication, Education and Public Awareness programme with students and community.
  • Nursery set up and establishment.
  • Planting site preparation and clearing.
  • Launching event.
  • Tree planting at Zone A and Zone B In UTP. (Completed by October).
  • Establishment of education corner or interpretation signage.
  • Maintenance of planted trees.
  • Maintenance of nurseries and seedlings.
  • Post planting site monitoring and data collection.