Empowering Targeted Orang Asli Communities in Natural Resource Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods



This project aims to empower targeted Orang Asli communities in Peninsular Malaysia in natural resource conservation and sustainable livelihoods especially to address land degradation near their villages and to protect and rehabilitate forest, rivers and peatlands important for conservation and community welfare. The project will assist targeted Orang Asli communities in:

  • Southeast Pahang Peatland Landscape in Pekan, Pahang
  • Ulu Kinta Basin in Perak
  • Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve in Selangor

The main activities proposed for the implementation of the project are

  • Demonstrate enhanced role of OA in management of forest, peatlands and water resources in three targeted landscapes
  • Build capacity of the Orang Asli in land and natural resource management.



The main objective of engagement of OA in Ulu Kinta Basin is to strengthen the community action in catchment forest and water resource protection in Upper Kinta Basin in Perak. The targeted OA communities in the Upper Kinta Basin (UKB) in Perak are of Temiar tribe which involves 6 villages - Kg. Chadak, Kg. Makmur, Kg. Sg Suloh, Kg. Tonngang, Kg. Sg. Baduk and Kg. Sg. Choh.

They are supported to undertake the monitoring, protection and small scale bio-engineering slope stabilization of the catchment forests and water sources of the communities and also the Sultan Azlan Shah Reservoir (which provides water to Ipoh City).

Three main activities together with the Orang Asli communities are

  • Community empowerment through water and forest monitoring training.
  • Eco-tourism programme as part of river and forest protection initiative
  • Empowerment of Orang Asli on slope protection initiatives.

Discussion with Sg Suloh community

River monitoring training

Forest monitoring training with community of Kg Tonggang