OBJECTIVE 3: To create a synergy between peri-urban/urban communities and Orang Asli for environmental related economic activities within UKB site

A marketing training has been carried out on 21st March 2021 which focuses on online marketing set up to empower both of the communities of OA and peri-urban in a marketing strategy to sell their products. The training was led by a speaker from J Global Academy in the meeting room of OSC KRT Klebang Selatan. The training was also attended by three other communities which are KRT Klebang Selatan, KRT Kg Tersusun Tasek and OA of Kg Tonggang. From the training, all of the communities has practically learned on handling many kinds of online platform such as Whatsapp business, Facebook, Shopee, Google, Carousell and mudah.my. For food products by KRT Klebang Selatan, online marketing platforms through Facebook page (facebook.com/kerepekubikayuyummy) developed. Beside that the products also marketed through other online platforms such as Carousell, mudah.my and Whatsapp business platform (Refer to Sources of Deliverable 6). For OA related initiatives, as reported previously, the project team have discussed with Perak Tourism Department on marketing the initiatives by OA especially eco-trail and mountain bike eco trail. Perak Tourism Department has agreed to help and promote this initiatives through their existing online platform once the initiatives been officially launched or ready to be started.