OBJECTIVE 2: To improve and create alternative livelihood for peri-urban and urban communities located within Upper Kinta Basin

One committee group Jawatankuasa Penghasilan Kerepek Ubi Kayu dan Penjagaan Sungai (PKUKPS) for tapioca chips production has been established to ensure the initiatives is well implemented and sustained. To facilitate the production of tapioca chips, OSC has been officially launched and established on 10th April 2021 as a processing and selling centre for the local communities and has been inaugurated by Mayor of Ipoh. The OSC is located nearby existing community garden and basic ingredients needed for the tapioca chips production such as tapioca and lime leaf were planted and harvested from there. The chips were nicely packaged and marketed. The OSC and community garden also will serve as an education and awareness platform on food security program for the public such as educational institutions, private sectors, individuals and other communities. It can be a demo site on tapioca chip production where public can learn how to plant, care, harvest, process, packaging and marketing the tapioca products beside learn about other plants that are being planted in the community garden.

One Stop Centre (OSC) launching by Mayor of Ipoh, Y.Bhg. Dato' Rumaizi bin Baharin@ Md Daud

Overall individual and direct benefits has been fully materialized as the OSC is now fully operational and operating as per planned. The community has begun to produce, promote and sell their product, tapioca chips with four different flavours. Community managed to generate additional total income of RM 12,707 from direct selling of chips since September 2020. The tapioca nursery and garden also has been well established and sustained by the communities.