Output 2: Best Management Practices for Critical Riverine Habitats are demonstrated at Key Sites of National Importance:


Project Description:

The sub component for the Upper Kinta Basin aims to integrate biodiversity conservation into catchment management planning for the Sultan Azlan Shah Dam on the Kinta River in Perak. The dam is a major source of water supply for the state capital city of Ipoh and therefore the maintenance of a secure supply of high quality water is a priority for the state government, as well as a Rank 1 Environmentally Sensitive Area according to the third National Physical Plan. The upper catchment of the Kinta River is forming part of the Peninsula’s Central Forest Spine and being of outstanding importance for biodiversity conservation. However, some developments and existing Simpang Pulai-Cameron Highlands at the top of the watershed are a major cause for concern, resulting in severe slope erosion and siltation of one tributary and the main reservoir.

The Upper Kinta River Basin (Perak) covers area of about 25,000ha above Ipoh city in Perak. The focus will be on the management of the upper catchment of a river currently managed for water supply purposes. The pilot aims to improve understanding and the status of riverine biodiversity through strengthened watershed management, especially involving reduction of sediment loading from highway and agro-tourism developments, and strengthening communication between the dam operator, government agencies, private players and local communities to ensure sustainable land uses.