River Monitoring Data Entry

Hi there! Welcome to our RIVER Ranger 2.0 Data Entry page. We hope you had a great time out in the field collecting all sorts of information on your river's health. We hope you can spare some time to fill in our online reporting form. Your results will be displayed in the results page and will be of great use to us in our quest to protect our rivers in Malaysia. If you have only completed 1 or 2 parts of the form (e.g. you have only done the River Report Card and Chemical Monitoring) for your river, don't worry! Any information is useful and you can just fill in the parts that you have done. Thank you for being a RIVER Ranger 2.0 and we hope you continue to help monitor and manage your local river.

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RIVER Ranger 2.0 Details
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River Report Card (kindly fill in all fields or none)
Category 1: Voice of the Stream
Category 2: Land Use
Category 3: Rubbish
Category 4: Pipes and Drains
Category 5: Extra Structures/Modifications
Category 6: Smell
Category 7: Water Conditions
Category 8: Vegetation
Category 9: Vertebrate Animal Life

Chemical Monitoring (kindly fill in all fields or none)
Variable Results
Dissolved Oxygen

Biological Monitoring
Please enter ALL the types of species that you found inside the river so that we can calculate the Biological Water Quality Index.
Animal/Type Score
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River Health Table
Computed RIVER Ranger 2.0 Index Class River Status
4.55 - 5.00 A Very Good
3.55 - 4.54 B Good
2.55 - 3.54 C Moderate
1.55 - 2.54 D Poor
1.00 - 1.54 E Critical

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