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Wan Junaidi: M’sia getting smaller with global warming
Date 16-Jul-2017 | Category | Author The Star Nation

BEIJING: Malaysia will be 10% smaller in less than a century if climate change continues.

Natural Resources and Environ­ment Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar warned that global warming was serious and should be tackled to prevent a devastating crisis.

“If sea levels continue to rise as a result of melting glaciers and the polar ice caps, Malaysia will lose the Rejang Valley in Sarawak, other coastal and low-lying areas in Sabah, Kedah and the East Coast states of the peninsula by 2100,” he warned.

“We may not be here to see this happen but our children or grandchildren will,” he added.

The impact of climate change was one of the issues Dr Wan Junaidi discussed with China’s Water Re­­sour­­ces Minister Chen Lei, Environ­mental Protection Minister Li Ganjie and State Forestry Administration administrator Zhang Jianlong du­ring his five-day working visit to China that began on Tuesday.

He noted that China, being the second-largest greenhouse gas emitter, acknowledged its contribution to global warming and played its part by using renewable energy.

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