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Hands-on lessons in water conservation
Date 31-Mar-2017 | Category | Author The Star Metro

INTERACTIVE and hands-on activities are key to understanding the importance of water in the greater context of sustainable development.

The Salcon Smart Water Programme (SSWP) provided 40 schoolchildren aged 11 years old with four teachers from SMK Puchong Perdana a chance to step outside their classroom to learn the principles of sustainable water management, sanitation and hygiene.

The SSWP programme is Salcon’s flagship corporate responsibility initiative to educate the public, especially the younger generation about water awareness and conservation. It is packed with a series of water education activities aimed at promoting awareness of the importance of good quality water supplies in sustaining a community and its development.

Students had a chance to do hands-on water experiments at Sungai Penchala, Lembah Kiara, and Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Among the interactive activities carried out were physical water testing, which was the process of monitoring the water flow rate, clarity, colour and smell.

Throughout the programme, students got to apply various scientific theories which they had learned in school.

One example was the chemical experiment where students were guided on monitoring the alkaline and acidic levels within the river water and identifying different kinds of organisms living in the river, which is an indicator of the river’s health level.

Salcon measures the effectiveness of the programme through a pre- and post-water knowledge evaluation. The evaluation result had shown that the students’ understanding of water knowledge had increased significantly after conducting the activities by themselves.

“We are impressed with the programme as it brings to life the knowledge which the students learn in school. I believe this platform has provided a clearer picture for our students of the importance of water conservation and sustainability,” said SMK Puchong Perdana teacher Rohaiza Omar.

Salcon Bhd corporate affairs general manager Chern Meng Gaik said through their hands-on educational approach on water savings and keeping the river clean, the Salcon Smart Water Programme becomes more impactful for the students.

“Children are encouraged to be ambassadors for the water cause so they can pass on their knowledge to their families and communities with the aim of achieving important behavioural change.

“In addition, teacher training sessions help promote responsible water management by enabling them to run their own Smart Water Programmes, supported by specially developed handbooks.”

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